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Peach Compote | 小桃のコンポート

Due to the unusual prolonged rainy season this year, the crops including the harvest of fruit such as our favorite fruit, the peach has been widely affected. Normally by early August, the peaches are quite ripe and abundant but not this year. Again, they all blame this on “global warming” but I am starting to feel that without drastic actions taken to slow global warming, it is getting similar to the doctor diagnosing “caused due to stress” without any remedies.

But some unusual can be met and this is this ‘small peach’ which was sold by peach growers. Difficult to depict the size from the photographs but it’s only about 5 cm in diameter, a petite peach, labelled ‘for jam or compote only’. I presumed this might be just an unripe peach but not quite what I expected. It seems to be species between a peach and nectarine, strong vivid color. Preparing and cooking was quite easy, the results….astonishing.



Peach Compote | 小桃のコンポート

Course: Condiment, Fruit Preserve


  • 1 kg Peach (petite) | 小桃

  • 400g Granulated Sugar | グラーニュ糖


  • Wash the peach in cold water and rub off the dirt and fine hair. | 小桃やお水でよく薄い表面の毛を洗い流します。
  • Cut the peach in half along the ridge, the peach should split in half with a sharp knife easily. Remove the seed. |割れ目にそってナイフを入れると簡単に半部に割れたら、種を取り出します。
  • Combine the peach and sugar and cook over low heat first, gradually letting the moisture from the fruit combine well with the sugar. (Be careful not to burn the sugar) . Cook for approximately 20 to 25 minutes, occasionally mixing the fruit. |お砂糖の量は好みですが小桃に対して約40〜50%の砂糖をまぶします。最初は弱火で焦げ付かないように気をつけながら煮ます。桃からかなり水分が上がってきますのでその後は中火で20分〜25分程度煮て完成です。
  • Let is cool and pack it into a compote jar and refrigerate.|粗熱をとった後は冷蔵保存で。
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