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Our Grandchild’s 1st Birthday Cake | 1歳のお誕生日

Time flies……

Time flies so fast quite unbelievable and our grandson is already ‘ONE’ today to celebrate his very first birthday.

This is his birthday cake. Since he still has ‘EGG allergy’ and slowly starting on human food (yet), the cake comprises of an egg free sponge sugar-free cake, soy bean cream decorated with his favorite fruits – strawberries and mandarin orange.

The recipe to make a ‘Egg Free Cake’ is on my previous post.







DSC_0017Since the sponge cake is cut out into a ‘number one’ shape, it gave me a lot of left over cake layers which I built it into a small decoration cake for my husband and myself. It’s like a pancake with strawberry fillings….




By the way…another interesting way of celebrating 1st birthday which may be of your interest, if interested in Japanese old tradition.

Celebrating 1st birthday, Japanese traditional style

This event is called HATSU TANJO (初誕生-First Born) and a very unique way of celebrating the occasion, varies upon regions and family tradition.  The most common form it is called the ISSHO MOCHI (一升餅). ISSHO (一升, about two kilograms) of sticky rice is pounded into a MOCHI- large round cakes and then wrapped up in a FUROSHIKI ( a medium sized Japanese cloth) and then TIED ONTO THE ONE YEAR OLD CHILDS BACK!

This is the sticky rice ISSHO MOCHI.

It weighs about 2 kilograms so for a small one year old child…theoretically it weight about 25% of you body weight.






I’ve attached a video to see what our grand son did (with permission from his Mom). He starts off like a flipped-down-turtle, static; frozen for few seconds before he starts to crawl, screaming for help.

The MOCHI is wrapped around a green FUROSHIKI (cloth).



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