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our Christmas Party | 我が家のクリパの風景

Although Christmas is ‘really not’ an official holiday here in Japan, no matter where you are, Christmas seem to be the most enjoyable time for any child; a time for family gathering, a time for giving, a time for gratitude and for all – our wishes for our children to remember the ‘gift of giving’.

Here is snap shot post of our Christmas Party with our three munchkins, running 5 years old, 4 and 2.


Italian food served this year.

Hors d’oeuvre appetizer plate|大皿前菜
  • Prosciutto ham with chestnuts|プロシュートハムと栗
  • Baked petite tomato stuffed with hummus|プチトマトのひよこ豆パテ入り
  • Baked bell peppers stuffed with minced meat|ピーマンの肉詰め
  • Petite onions consomme style|ペッコリーノコンソメ煮
  • Aubergine balsamico | ナスのバルサミコ酢漬け
  • Flower shape zucchini |花型のズッキーニ
  • Breast of chicken wrapped in bacon|胸鶏肉のベーコン巻き
  • Marguerita pizza|マルゲリータ
  • Prociutto, avocado and argula pizza|プロシュートとアボカドとルッコラのピザ
  • Spinach, ham, tomato and egg pizza|ほうれん草とハムトマトと卵のピザ
  • Rotini pasta with aubergine & mackerel in tomato sauce|鯖とナスのトマトソースパスタ
  • Sponge Cake base|スポンジケーキベース
  • Apricot Coulis|アプリコットプュレの層
  • Honey Mousse|ハニームースの層
  • Fresh Strawberry Slices|いちごの層
  • Panna Cotta|パンナコッタの層

I hope to cover some recipes in due course so stay tuned. For now, Happy Holidays !!!! to all my readers and visitors.


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