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our traditional Japanese New Year Food

On New Years Day, the ‘Osechi’ is our traditional food accompanied with mochi (rice cake) in a soup broth called ‘Ozoni’. The Osechi comes in a infinite variety of styles, differ in region and household but the most common ‘Osechi’ (dishes or items) have a certain meaning to it’s portion.

What I have prepared this year is very simple, most probably the minimal as my intentions on New Years Day family get together was to go ‘Western Style’ upon request from my children and grandchildren.

However the ‘Osechi’ which I put together were as follows –

Kuro-mame (Syrup stewed black beans) | Representing longevity

Kamaboko (Red and white fish cake)| Genuine meaning quite ambiguous but the color-red and white represents festivity. (This is an off the shelf item)

Datemaki (Egg Roll) | The roll having similarity to the old scroll books represents the wish to the cultural development.

Namasu (Red and White radish and carrots blend) | Representing happiness through the colors of red and white.

White Beans | My replacement to Kinton

Teriyaki Chicken Wings | No meaning…but to fill the plate

‘Ozoni’ , mocci – rice cake in a clear chicken broth

I’ve listed the most common and genuine ‘Osechi’ dishes which (theoretically) should be in the Osechi Box. If one should be in Japan on New Years Day, guaranteed to encounter these traditional food during the short pocket of January 1st ~ 3rd.

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