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olive & tomato Focaccia|もっちりフォカッチャ

I must say, “Focaccia” is one of the most simple straight forward breads to make at home, with very little failure. The ingredients are down to basics but the more basic, the results may be diverse and the multiplies the joy of making bread at home.

Adapted and seen from “memoirsbaker” focaccia, a instagrammer whom I follow and enjoy his levian sourdough breads. His focaccia takes on similar bread making with the sourdough breads which struck my interest as being a similar process of my bread making. During the mixing process, the dough is folded at an interval, numerous times and the stored overnight to develop the flavor. (That is – if you have the time.) I would not image that the Italians do take on this process so I think a simplified Focaccio making process will do the job just as well and above all the process of ‘making bread at home’ will undoubtedly result in a magical taste! (for sure)


その中で “memoirsbaker” 、インスタラマーで主にサワー種(天然酵母)を使用して作っているパンの中、focacciaレシピを自分風にアレンジしてフォカッチャを作ってみました。フォカッチャのレシピとしてはかなり完成度の高い「もちもち・しっとり・フォカッチャ」ではないかと思います。

Focaccia dough is soft and moist.

olive & tomato Focaccia | オリーブとトマト フォカッチャ

Course: BreakfastDifficulty: Easy


Prep time






  • 90g natural leaven (天然酵母)or 3g of dry yeast (ドライイースト)

  • 300g strong white flour(強力粉)

  • 240g water(水)

  • 7.5g salt(塩)


  • Mix the leaven/yeast with the flour and water. Retain 5% of the water, 12g of water for secondary step. Mix the dough, shaping it to a round shape and let the dough rest for 30 minutes.
  • Add the remainder of the water with salt. The dough will start to separate but lift the dough from 2 corners bottom up. Let the dough rest for a further 30 minutes.
  • Grab the edge of the dough, pull it up and fold it over the top dough, repeat this process few times, turning the bowl. Let the dough rest for a further 30 minutes.
  • Repeat step 3, 3 times and store the dough into the refrigerator overnight, enabling the flavor to develop.
  • Next day : Take the dough out of the fridge and let it come to room temperature before doing anything. Prepare a tray lined with parchment paper. Lift the dough from the bottom and spread it evenly on the baking try. Dress the top with black and green olives and half cut small tomatoes or any other preferred toppings.
  • Let it rise in a warm environment (28C) for about 50-60 minutes.
    Poke the top surface with your fingertips with a dash of olive oil, letting the olive oil sink into the dough and it’s pit holes.
    Bake at 180〜200C for approx. 20〜30minutes or more as to how you prefer your top surface for a light brown color.
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