The origin of Japanese (Washoku) cuisine, most common and frequently used is the ‘Katsuo (Bonito) DASHI (Stock) ‘. As the French have different types of soup stocks for their exquisite sauces, the Japanese culinary soup stock, frequently use the’Katsuo (Bonito) DASHI (Stock) ‘ for everyday cooking.

Simplified, here is a list of Japanese soup stocks as compared with the French cuisine. The majority of our (basic) soup stocks are attained from sea products, Japan geographically enclosed by the ocean.





Classic Japanese Stocks (in general)  (和食の出汁の種類)

  • Katsuo Konbu Dashi : Bonito stock, 1st and 2nd stock (鰹昆布だし)
  • Konbu Dashi : Sea Kelp Stock(昆布だし)
  • Niboshi Dashi : Dried Small Sardines Stock (煮干しだし)
  • Hoshi-Shitake Dashi : Dried Shitake Mushroom Stock(干し椎茸だし)
  • Fish soup: Different types of fish (魚のあら)
  • Chicken Soup: Chicken-Bones(鶏ガラ)

Classic French Stocks(フランス料理の出汁の種類)

  • White stock: A clear, pale liquid made by simmering poultry, beef, or fish bones. (鶏、牛、魚から取る白い透明な出汁)
  • Brown Stock: Amber liquid made by first browning/roasting poultry, beef, veal, or game bones. (鶏、牛、野鳥から取る薄茶色透明な出汁)
  • Fish Stock (Fumet): Highly flavoured stock made with fish bones. (魚の骨の出汁)
  • Vegetable Stock (Court bouillon): Aromatic vegetable broth(野菜の出汁)niban (2nd) Stock

Dashi (Japanese Bonito Broth)
Dried Konbu & Bonito Flakes
Dashi (Japanese Bonito Broth)
Simmering over low heat
Dashi (Japanese Bonito Broth)
Konbu Soup
Dashi (Japanese Bonito Broth)
Adding bonito flakes
Dashi (Japanese Bonito Broth)
Dashi (Japanese Bonito Broth)
Ichiban (1st Stock) Dashi
Dashi (Japanese Bonito Broth)
Making 2nd Soup Stock
Dashi (Japanese Bonito Broth)
Dashi (Japanese Bonito Broth)
Niban (2nd Stock) Dashi
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