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Maezawa Hamlet of Magariya |前沢曲家集落

We all have a choice in life. When the world buzz with the digital technology and speed of life, the village of ‘Maezawa Hamlet of Magaria‘ choose to follow their ancestors’ way of life, treasuring to remain basic, tranquil and simple. It is an unspoiled scenery, not much left in the world around us.


Maezawa Magaria Village was said to have been established by the Aizu samurai around the 16th century, located in the Minami-Aizu area. The village is a community of thatched-roof residences, the Magaria which are the L-shaped farmhouses.

The village is open for tourists from April to November, in which the museum displays the actual architectural shape of the thatched-roof residence. We arrived few days just after the village closed it’s hospitality for visitors so be sure to check the site when visiting this Maezawa Magaria Village .


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