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Japanese Red Shiso Leaves

life with the virus | コロナはまだまだ

It’s been quite a few odd months since I last posted, hoping that within the absent period perhaps the life with Covid-19 would have shed a improved daily lifestyle. 

The truth is – it has and it hasn’t. 

As we accumulate the number of days, people get used to having the virus around in our daily lives, integrating the protection rules of social distancing, mask protection and washing hands, staying vigilant.

Considering that Japan’s ’emergency shut down’ was not a mandate but a ‘publicly asked’ voluntary action – we did considerably well as  we saw decrease in the infected numbers and we felt the virus was being contained during the 2 months period of the emergency shut down (April 8th ~ May 31).

As once we were released off leash, the numbers quietly showed signs of increase, as like small creeks stemming out into freedom.  

This month in July, over the past two weeks we have seen acute spikes of increase, reaching even a record high in Tokyo, yesterday over 366 infected in a day. 











Japanese Plums

During my blog absence, the Japanese plums have come around in June – my seasonal annual chore. 

Japanese plums have a awesome scent, very tempting to eat it raw but they are not an edible fruit (rather toxic fresh) but when  treated, it transforms into one of the best herbal medicines (food)  common in every Japanese household.

I have taken the “ripe plums”, mixed it with crystal sugar to make ‘summer plum syrup‘. Others  are prepared for ‘plum pickles (umeboshi)‘, soaked in vinegar, salt and sugar later to be sun dried. 

The red shiso leaves appear at the same timing with the plums as being additives for Japanese pickled plums but I have extracted the juice to be preserved as ‘shiso syrup‘, which is well  known to prevent allergy and atopic dermatitis, which I am currently combating with natural herbal medicine to cleanse my entire body system. (will write a post on natural herbal medicine).







life with the virus | コロナはまだまだ
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