TOKYO | WASHOKU @ LIVING renewal in progress !!!

Year 2020 is here and welcome!

The holiday season from Christmas to New Years seemed to have dashed it’s way, turning the page to a fresh new year. As with everyone, each new year seems like resetting your computer starting anew.

This year is an exceptionally special year for Japan, the host of the 2020 Summer Tokyo Olympics and no doubt, Tokyo is certainly getting ready to welcome this advent. Expected visitors (estimated at 40 mil) from all over the world and subsequent from the 2019 Rugby World Cup , Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto) has risen to the top desired tourist destinations in the world.

Well I must say, Japan is guaranteed to be said as ‘a safe country’ to visit. The accuracy of the public transportation system is one a kind. You may find the people to be slightly shy but in general we are a gentle kind (species). From word of mouth, I hear that the price of food is reasonable (compared to other metropolitan cities) and certainly awesome, especially for people who love seafood and sushi. Not that any of the ‘Japan sell’ connects to my food blog (lol) but if one is planning to visit Tokyo for the 2020 Olympics and need some advise, please feel free to ask if I can be of any assistance to alleviate some worries to visit this country.



This is a clip feast from one of our New Year dinner parties, for a special friend who came to visit for New Years. It is prepared in a authentic Japanese (Washoku) style (perhaps can be said to be a typical Japanese meal).

  • Saba (Mackerel) Sushi|鯖寿司
  • Stewed Radish with Yuzu Miso Sauce|柚味噌大根
  • Red Snapper steamed with white turnip meringue|金目鯛のかぶ蒸し
  • Vegetables prepared washoku style|煮浸し
  • Homemade Tofu |自家製豆腐
  • Fermented Sirloin Steak Fritto|熟成サーロインステーキのフリット
  • Panna Cotta with a blend of various Japanese Tea (Matcha, Hojicha, Earl Grey, Aduki, Muscovado)|多種類のお茶のパンナコッタ
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