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Juicy & Tender ! White Chicken Sandwich | 超柔らか〜い!鶏胸肉サンドイッチ

Red meat or white meat?

The  ‘red meat’ gets the majority of votes, ‘white’ never gets even a glimpse of glory.

We all know….white meat is more healthy than red….

but only except for the minority of genuine chicken lovers….

or California where fitness, beauty and health is like a contagious disease…..

CHICKEN BREAST IS TOO DRY!!!! is a natural response.

Well…here is a introduction to ‘magic cooking – how to make juicy, tender white chicken breast’.  It’s simple and of all, it truly works. I’m not selling the idea for money so just give it a try and your idea towards ‘dry white chicken breast’ will vanish – totally!!!! Turn your chicken breast into a ‘CHICKEN BREAST SOFT JUICY STEAK’ and knock out some few pounds or become an satisfying diet helper.

Ooops….my story was supposed to be about this sandwich but superb meat = superb sandwich!!!

(This magic cooking was introduced couple of years ago in a Japanese TV program callled ‘tameshite  gatten’ by NHK).

外国ではチキンの肉を『白肉(white meat)』か『赤肉(red meat)』、どちらにしますか?という表現を使います。









‘Tender Juicy Chicken Breast Sandwich’ recipe –

  • Chicken Breast Meat sliced sautéed with salt, pepper
  • Tofu sautéed with salt, pepper
  • Well sautéed onion until it browns
  • Rucola or Rocket leafs or Lettuce or Baby Leaves
  • Melted Butter and some Mayonnaise

‘Tender Juicy Chicken Breast Sandwich’ recipe | サンドイッチ

  • 鶏のむね肉(皮なし)・・5cm程度の厚みに切り、塩胡椒をしてソテーする
  • 豆腐・・・・・・・・・水切りをして、塩胡椒をしてソテーする
  • 玉葱・・・・・・・・・薄切りにして、15分程度じっくりと炒める
  • ルッコラ、ベビーリーフ、レタス
  • 溶かしたバター、マヨネーズ




How to make ‘Tender Juicy Chicken Breast Meat’ recipe –

  • Chicken Breast Meat (if the meat is 300g)
  • 1% of Salt (3g)
  • 1% of Sugar (3g)
  • 10% of Water (10g)
  1. Prick your chicken breast with a sharp fork, leaving some whole in the meat.
  2. Prepare a plastic bag and mix the salt, sugar and water together with the pricked chicken breast.
  3. Blend well.
  4. Leave the chicken soaked in this liquid for at least half a hour, I tend to leave it for half a day.
  5. This will produce a tender juicy chicken breast. Make sure you do not overcook which will cause overcooked dry meat, regardless of any tips.

Juicy Chicken Breast Recipe | ジューシーな鶏むね肉の調理法

  • 鶏のむね肉(皮なし)・・1枚 (例 300gの場合)
  • 砂糖・・・・・・・・・肉の重さの1% (3g)
  • 塩・・・・・・・・・・肉の重さの1% (3g)
  • 水・・・・・・・・・・肉の重さの10% (30g)
  1. 鶏のむね肉を均等の厚みにして、フォークでぶすぶすと穴をあける。
  2. 水の入った袋に砂糖、塩を入れて、1分ほど揉む。
  3. 私は数時間冷蔵庫の入れておく。
  4. ソテーなのにしてどうぞ。
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