Making ‘DASHI (Soup Stock)’ from scratch like any other cooking process is the best but when often we are pressed for time, here are some products which helps us to provide the ‘DASHI (Soup Stock)’ for Japanese cooking.

This is a bizarre vending machine seldom seen located in the metropolitan district of Tokyo. It’s a ‘DASHI (Soup Stock)’ vending machine and sell two types of bottled soup stocks. This bizarre idea is produced by Nitanda Shoyu Brewing (Hiroshima prefecture), interesting to see their vending machine locations just few but covering a vast area of Japan. The bottled ‘DASHI’ is a condense soup form and used diluted as to your cooking needs.

日本人にはおなじみの出汁ですが海外の方には「出汁」と言っても、昆布や鰹節する調達するのが困難な場所の方が多いと思います。自分自身の子供の頃のアイルランドでの生活の記憶をたどると日本食の原点のお醤油、味噌、他、、全て母がロンドンから注文していました。出汁の元になる「顆粒タイプ」やお豆腐もハウスの粉から作るお豆腐の元を使った記憶があります。あの粉のお豆腐の元は今でもあるのかなあ、と調べてみたらちゃんと商品としてありました。(ハウス ほんとうふ)


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Ajinomoto – Hon Dashi (Soup Stock)

This comes in a powdered form and using 1 teaspoon for 1 cup of water will produce a ready fast soup stock. I personally use this for the soup stock for making miso soup.


Tsuyu no Moto created by Ninben

A condensed soup base with soy sauce which I personally use for ‘stewing’ foods. The balance of its blend of dashi, soy sauce and mirin (sweetness) makes it easy to achieve the final balanced flavor. It can also be used for sauces for tempura and diluted for noodle soup.


Kayanoya Original Dashi Stock Powder

Kayanoya’s soup stock is also a very popular item in Japan, it tastes good and comes in a sache form to extract the ‘umami’ of its blended dashi.


The dried sea kelp (KONBU) and the Hanakatsuo Dried Shaved Bonito Flakes. Surprisingly I was able to find these at amazon.com if anyone may be interested.

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