Japanese side dishes series  | おかず ①

Japanese side dishes series | おかず ①

I’ve been working on my new blog theme (zuki) for a couple of days and boy….it’s a lot of work trying to analyse what it will do and what I want to do. I truly must admit, the hours are more disappointing than rewarding.  I’m aiming to list all my recipes for easier search by viewers…but gee…it will probably take me days before it is up on my WASHOKU@KITCHEN site.  Patience…..patience…. (inner voice)

Here are some Japanese side dishes which we simply and quickly make at home. Our Japanese food culture favors to serve small dishes rather than big one plates.

Recipes are not up but I hope to familiarize you with some the side dishes we (I) make before I start racking up the recipes and how to makes.


Kiriboshi Daiko with seaweeds, carrots and shitake mushrooms

Kiriboshi Daikon is a sun-dried radish, combined with combu – seaweed and carrots and mushrooms. It is braised with a soy sauce broth.


Ito-Konyaku with dried tofu

Konyaku (wikipedia says it is sometimes called Elephant Foot) is a noodle-jelly like food made from yam (konyaku potatoe) which I you may have come across if you have tried SUKIYAKI. It has not much of  taste but ‘rubbery’ texture and ‘no calories’ often used as dietary food.

I, personally am addicted to Konyaku and I often combine this dried powdered tofu, braised in soy sauce broth.


Hana-Mama (Runner Bean)

Hana-mame slowly cooked in light sugar.


Katakuchi Iwashi cooked in deep soy sauce broth

This is dried sardines cooked in deep soy sauce broth. It’s salty but goes well with sake and accompanies rice. Since it is a good calcium source, I would keep this in the fridge for small consumptions for numerous meals.


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