Japanese Pepper.... SANSHO.....a magical condiment

Japanese Pepper…. SANSHO…..a magical condiment

‘SANSHO’ is a Japanese condiment known as Japanese pepper.
It has a very unique scent and flavor, stingy to the tongue and often used like any herb. The ‘stinginess’ is a substance contained in the Sancho stimulating the tactile nerves of the tongue,  as a continuous flow of electricity through the tongue. The tactile nerves of the tongue, serves to connects to the cortical taste area to determine the taste. And for this reason, while the when the tongue is numb by Sansho and one does not feel the various taste such as rich, sweet or salty; one senses are most sensitive than usual……consequently…..the FOOD TASTES EXTREMELY BETTER!!


Sansho can be grown in your own garden or in a flowerpot.
But be very cautious of Hornworms as they love the Sansho leaves.
Sansho is a typical company to the UNAGI (Eel) Bowl.
Unagi (Eel) is a popular menu especially during the summer in Japan; taken as a recovery food during the hot and humid summer months.
There are even days designated to within the year to consume UNAGI.
This year in 2014, the days are :
WINTER January 18, January 30
SPRING April 24
SUMMER July 29
AUTUMN October 21, November 2


written by Hisako Makimura, Tokyo/Japan
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