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Foods prepared to go…are not easy. Perhaps I am over-sensitive and particular as to making and serving food; but not in this case as my daughter has been suffering from severe ‘migraine headache’, since late fall-early winter. The progressive winter cold certainly does not help alleviate her headache, daily housework and mothering a 3 year old child has become quite difficult for the past few months.

To help her, I’ve been catering some ‘most common washoku foods-to-go’, sustaining a healthy balance diet for a 3 year old growing child. Although the prepared foods are far from being photogenic, ready to go in microwave proof Tupperware but hope will provide some insight to our (common) daily Japanese foods.

Stewed potatoes with beef and konjac

Stewed potatoes with beef and konjac (Niku Jyaga), is a very common Japanese side dish, which we call ‘osozai’. All the ingredients are simmered in soy sauce flavored dashi. Konjac is probably an typical Japanese ingredient-a rubbery noodle like food made from Konjac yam, very low calorie known to cleanse the stomach and intestines.

Stewed satuma age and fried tofu with some konbu-seaweeds.

Stewed satuma age and fried tofu with some konbu-seaweeds. Satsuma-Age is a pre-made fish cake which comes off the supermarket shelf , often used as a ingredient for Oden or just grilled with a little bit of grinded ginger.

Mackerel with tomatoes. This is a very simple dish, using a canned mackerel. Stewing the mackerel with tomato makes a very nutritious soupy dish.

Petite hamburgers

No matter which part of the world you are from, children in general love…’mince meat’. So voulait…. petite hamburgers with melting cheese inside.

Soy Milk Vegetable Stew

Soy Milk Vegetable Stew. To balance the diet, I like using soy milk instead of a regular cow milk for any stewy dishes. Winter root vegetables-pumpkin, onions, spinach, carrots, gobo and shitake mushrooms stewed with soy milk, consommé and salt and pepper.

Rolled Cabbage

Rolled Cabbage. Mince meat rolled in a leaf of cabbage stewed in consommé soup and below some of my Italian dishes as a variety for the week.

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