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Japanese buckwheat noodles…SOBA and SOBA SOUP

I am sure you have come across, Japanese buckwheat noodles – SOBA served in many Japanese restaurants.

Maybe not as many compared to the Italians, Japanese noodles still come in varieties, ‘SOBA’, ‘Chinese Noodles – RAMEN’, ‘SOMEN’, ‘UDON’, ‘HIYAMUGI’, etc.

Probably each household have their preference on noodles, but one of ours is the SOBA (Buckwheat Noodles) and SOMEN (similar to a the Italian Capellini, Angel Hair Pasta). ‘SOBA’ is also considered a low calorie diet food.




The set up for ‘SOBA’ looks like this….

it is served with a ‘SOBA’ soup & ‘YAKUMI’ (spices).

Ready made ‘SOBA’ soups are available in stores but certainly, it is not difficult to make and the soup can be stored for about a month or so in the fridge so if you are a home make addict….give it a shot!!! The ‘SOBA’ soup can be used for other Japanese cooking so it does come in handy to have a one the fridge.


















DSC_0084 DSC_0082DSC_0083








(Yakumis shown above are shallots, shiso leafs, myoga).


Simply boiling the ingredients below will make a ‘Condensed Soba (Noodle) Broth’.


























Hontsuyu Recipe in English pdf









written by Hisako Makimura/Tokyo, Japan



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