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Japan to end ‘state of emergency’

May 26th @ Midnight, Japan has lifted ‘covid-19 state of emergency‘ which commenced April 7th. COVID-19 infections in Tokyo began to rapidly increase in late March and peaked mid-April. Unlike other worldwide countries, our government took the common measures, requesting the entire nation “to refrain from nonessential outings “, “wearing of masks”, “keeping social distance” and “thorough washing of hands”. This was not a mandatory enforcement but a request as (according to the constitution) the government does not having the sovereignty to enforce a total lockdown.

Less than 8 weeks (50 days) has passed, the infected numbers decreased considerably and I have to say miraculously. Our COVID-19 confirmed infection statistics can be seen at the World Health Organisation site.

Government aim was to reduce the social distancing to 80% which literally meant all were to ‘stay home’ and reduce our public activities without law enforcement. From my upbringing and having lived in multi-cultural cities like Los Angeles, “a request of enforcement” seemed like a doubtable procedure at first but proved me wrong.

I’ve always know Japanese group thinking to act as ‘us’ rather than ‘me’. However this to be my first time in my entire life to truly encountered the Japanesism – racial attitude, mindset, group behaviorism working effectively to fight the ghostly enemy ‘covid-19’.

My personal perception as to what takes place here in Japan are –

  • “Masks” has always been a common winter item from people suffering from hay fever and the influenza protection, common to see people wearing masks yearly from early November ~ December.
  • Consequently “washing hands and gargling” is a regular routine to protect oneself from the influenza. Even little children are constantly educated and reminded to take these measure from parents.
  • Japan is a hygienic country. Most public areas are generally clean.
  • Sterilization is common routine for say among many young people.
  • Japanese language is a low and mumbling language (pronounciation), which helps.
  • Hugs, kisses and physical contacts are not as common compared to the western countries.
  • Our racial personality – join the group, do not stand out – groupism verses individualism.

So much for my covid-19 personal analysis. A view of my daily workout outdoor gymn, a park along the river (Zenpukushi Park) . A kingfisher seen along the riverbed and my new atheletic look.

Japan to end ‘state of emergency’
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