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It’s already July, unexpected early arrival of summer (over 2~3 weeks) and departure of a short ‘rainy season’ which depicts an reflection in change climate. Temperatures are soaring to a level beyond body temperature of 36 degrees celsius (all over Japan) and the trend is an annual recurring tendency.

Consequently, the harvest of fruits and my jamming works has been bumped up, at least over 2~3 weeks.

Nevertheless, June and July being one of busiest jamming season, on being the use of Japanese plums, which we call ‘ume’. It is a sour plum which is used in numerous washoku dishes and no doubt ‘ume’ comprises our basis of our history, culture and Japanese nationality, our identity.

Sa-Shi-Su Umeboshi |さしす梅干

’Umeboshi’ is an authentic Japanese pickles which I am most certain you have encountered at Japanese restaurants or peeking out from the rice balls, ‘onigiri’, a extremely sour pickle made from the Japanese plum called the ‘ume’.

The Sa-Shi-Su Umeboshi is not a traditional process but a easy short cut cooking which I’ve made this year and is still awaiting the final process of sun dry before it becomes an umboshi.

  • Sa – Crystal Sugar – 300g|30%
  • Shi – Salt – 100g|10%
  • Su – Vinegar – 4 Cups (800ml)|80%
  • Ume – Ripe Ume  – 1kg |100%


Ume Jam |梅ジャム

The Japanese plum is never eaten fresh, to avoid food poisoning from a food substance but alkalizing the plum make the fruit an extremely healthy assistance food.

<Umeboshi were used to prevent fatigue, purify water, rid the body of toxins, and cure specific diseases such as dysentery, typhoid, and food poisoning. Slowly, extensive folklore developed about umeboshi’s ability to prevent and cure certain diseases.>

  • Sa – Sugar – 50%
  • Ume – Ripe Ume  – 100%




Ume Juice (Naturally  Soaked)|梅ジュース

  • Sa – Crystal Sugar – 1kg | 100%
  • Ume –  Green Ume  – 1kg | 100%


Ume Vinegar|梅酢 * my Mom’s recipe

  • Sa – Crystal Sugar – 500g|100%
  • Su – Vinegar – 900ml|180%
  • Ume – Green Ume  – 500g |100%

Ume Miso|梅味噌

  • Miso
  • Ume –  Green Ume  – a couple, about 10


Biwa Liquor (Loquat Liquor) | ビワ酒


  • Sa – Crystal Sugar – 150g | 15%
  • White Liquor (over 35degrees) – 1.8 liters | 180%
  • Loquat –  Biwa  – 1kg | 100%






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