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Importance of ‘Bees’ – Japanese Bee Honey | ニホンミツバチの蜂蜜


Guaranteed pure honey from my sister, who resides in the Japanese Alps district.

Having had seen a documentary movie called  ‘More than Honey’;  the movie itself provides a good insight to the decimating beehives from all over the world and Japan I believe is not one of them.  I was not aware that “80% of plant species require bees to be pollinated” which means that without the existence of bees, I think our human food source will be totally affected even our human evolution.  Although the reason of decimating bees is unknown; it is sometimes pathetic even egoistic that we only think of ‘Oh! lack of honey’  when we hear of such fact.

So when I received a  long-awaited bottles of pure natural honey from the Japanese Honeybee (Nihon-Mitsubachi), considered a rarity in the market; it felt like receiving a precious diamond syrup which I will use with utmost care for my husband who needs strong immunity after his laryngeal cancer surgery.





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