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Homestyle Chinese Cuisine ‘jeeten’| 吉田風中国家庭料理店

Located in a tranquil posh residential area at the outskirts of Shibuya, Yoyogi-Uehara, you will find this humble atmosphered Homestyle Chinese Cuisine ‘jeeten’, owned and operated by a the chef Yoshida himself. With a counter bar seating and just few tables, at first glance may appear to be a cafe style restaurant but the Chinese cuisine is unbelievably exquisite. Secretly admired by the locals, Yoshida special style of Chinese cooking is not the traditional oily Chinese but light, healthy, with lot of vegetables.

The menu offers both a 3 different type of course menu but also a la carte is offered for individual dishes. We ordered the A menu, our eyes always bigger than our stomach but to also to enjoy the seasonal recommendations by the Chef.


Here is what the course looked like….


Appetizer, Jelly fish with cucumbers.


Bean Sprout Roll – Pencil layered rows of bean sprouts wrapped with (I believe) fried tofu skin with a slightly sweet hoisin sauce.


Shrimp Rice Rolls – Steamed Rice Paper enwraps a tasty shrimp filling.



Dailily, Yellow Chives and Scallops.


Shrimp with seasonal vegetables with Sweet Sake Sauce


Finale offers either sizzling rice or szechuan noodles or chimaki (sticky rice wrapped in bamboo leaves).


I chose one of my favorite yakuzen dessert, the turtle pudding. The Turtle pudding (I believe) is of Hong Kong origin and the turtle juice, full of collagen to beautify your skin.


Turtle Pudding (Yakuzen)

薬膳 亀ゼリー

His cooking book, sold at the restaurant.

お「蒸す」って   お店で魅了され購入したシェフ吉田の本。

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