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Homemade Potato Croquette | 自家製ポテトコロッケ

Potato Croquettes which we pronounce ‘Korokke’ is a very common Japanese dish, also one to be amongst one of our favorites national dishes. Although the potato croquettes does not differ much from the original made by the French creators (“Croquettes de Pommes de terre”) , the Japanese croquettes spread widely when butchers sold ‘Korokke with meat’ with added lard making it more tasty than the normal homemade cooking process and yet a Japanese will resonate to a nostalgic feel when one hears ‘Korokke made by the butcher’.

The majority of supermarkets in Japan will sell pre-made ‘potato croquettes’ as a fast take away food, as similar to buying ready-made appetizers or deli foods in the western world.

Buying is easy but making is time consuming but the hot ‘homemade croquettes’ straight into the dining table is extremely rewarding.


Potato Croquette | ポテトコロッケ

Course: Main DishCuisine: WesternDifficulty: Medium


Prep time


Cooking time





  • Peel the potatoes. | ポテトを洗い皮をむきます。
  • Chop the onions and saute together with mince meat, adding a pinch of salt and white pepper.|玉ねぎをみじん切りにして、ひき肉と一緒に炒め、最後のひとつまみの塩をいれます。
  • Bring the potatoes to boil. Once it reaches boiling point, drain the water, to remove the ‘AKU (froth)’. Add new fresh water to the cover the potatoes and to bring out the UMAMI (goodness) out of the potato, add 1 tablespoon of consomme power and boil until potatoes are soft enough to be mashed. Remove excess moisture before adding the chopped onions and mince meat.|ポテトを茹でます。一度沸騰したらアクを抜くために茹で汁を入れ替えます。新しいお水には旨味を出すためにコンソメを入れてポテトが柔らかくなるまで茹でます。
  • Once the potatoes are mashed, shape them into small oval shapes (approximately 6cm~7cm/2cm thick) and remove the heat before breading the croquettes with breadcrumbs, using a batter mixed with egg and flour. | ポテトを潰し、水分を蒸発させたら玉ねぎとひき肉を混ぜ、コロッケ型にまとめます。粗熱をとった後、卵と水と小麦粉の液体に通し、パン粉をつけていきます。
  • Deep fry the croquettes. Serve with thin sliced (soft) cabbage.|約180°の油で両面がこんがりとするまで揚げます。熱々のコロッケを千切りのキャベツといただきます。
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