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Homemade Croge

Homemade Cragel (Crogel)|a Hybrid Croissant-Bagel

Trendy food catches on fast.

I mean really fast, especially in Tokyo.

A fashion magazine introduced the CRAGEL or CROGEL (whichever you may call in English but pronounced the same in Jan-glish), a croissant and bagel – hybrid bread and bread fans are already looking for small boulangeries that may sell a homemade CROGEL. Unfortunately not yet except for a convenience store (Lawson) which is far beyond what is described as the real CRAGEL born in New York.

The croissant is a flaky bread….

the bagel is a soft moist chewy bread…

a combination of both doughs and the combined bread texture made me curious enough; no wonder it seems to be a big seller at the bagel store in New York.

So…since I, myself run a ‘Saturday Bakery’ to my registered bread friends; this is my version of the CRAGEL which all of what is described with this ‘hybrid Croissant – Bagel’,  FLAKY, CRISPY, SOFT and MOISTY in the inside.

I hope to be testing this CRAGEL (CROGEL) further, but it already is quite up to my bread standard being a homemade bread maker for over 15 years.

Gee time flies when I but the number down in writing…LOL.


written by Hisako Makimura/Tokyo, Japan

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