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Assortment of French Breads

Homemade Breakfast Breads | 自家製ブレークファーストブレッド

Spring brings back a lot of rain to prepare the plants for the coming new season.

It is also gives me some inspiration, especially ‘time’ on  a rainy day to bake an assortment of breads which I keep stored in the freezer, variety of breakfast breads for each morning enjoyment.

French breads (フランスパン生地)

  • Baguette (バゲット)
  • Baguette filled with fried bread crumbed oysters with cheddar cheese and English mustard (カキフライ、チェダ–チーズ、マスタード入り バゲット)
  • Parmesan cheese covered buns (パルメザンチーズ バンズ)
  • Sesame buns (セサミ バンズ)


White breads (白いパン生地)



Sweet Bread (スィートブレッド)

  • A leftover sweet bread with apples, carrots, bananas and walnuts packed into a mixed spice sweet bread (リンゴ、キャロット、バナナとクルミを詰め込んだスィートブレッド(ケーキ)
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