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The Noto Peninsula (Noto-hanto) is a peninsula which extends out to the ocean (Sea of Japan), Ishikawa prefecture. To us, Noto instantly resonates ‘fresh fish’,’good sake’ ,’salt’ and ‘rice’, basically the main food ingredients our form of Japanese food. It was my first visit to Noto-hanto, although the weather did not welcome us; sunshine-cloudy-mist-rain-gusty wind storm all in one day. According to the locals, the diversity of weather produces good crops, good fish and a flexible lifestyle; a norm in Noto Penisula.

Along the Noto-Satoyama-Kaido (highway) along the western side of the peninsula. The ocean is rough with gusty winds and looks absolutely freezing.
11月中旬に行った「能登半島」のキャンピングカー旅行なのにアッという間にもう12 月だぁ!いかん。いかん。福井から能登半島に入り、輪島で停泊。念願の輪島の「朝市」。白米千枚田天然の輪島の塩。食べ物散策の能登半島の旅ですが写真をお楽しみください。

Wagima was our overnight parking destination, look forward to the Noto | Wagima Asaichi (morning market). The continuity of this morning market is know to  be about 1000 years old.
See what I found….

Early morning light drizzle did not help the temperature, quite chilly but dry, soon to encounter snow.
Snapshots of the Noto | Wagima Asaichi (morning market).
My envision of a lot of fresh fisherman’s catch failed to my expectation….some seem to be from other areas (which means it must have come as frozen food). The mass market appeal and exposure has transformed it to a tourist spot and gift products mushroomed more than authentic local products.

Nevertheless traveling along the coastline and fishing ports, one of our travel treat is to visit the sushi bars or sushi-go around (conveyer belt) bars. Local fish come  extremely fresh and the different catch along the area is sometimes a new encounter.

Visiting the ‘Shiroyone Senmaida (A Thousand Rice Paddies in Shiroyone)’ , rice terraces located in Shiroyone town, Wajima City. 1004 small rice paddies carefully measured along a steep seaside slope. It is nationally acclaimed as a “Special Place of Scenic Beauty”, it’s actual crop, the rice difficult to obtain as this rice paddies are ran by an individual funding system.  Luckily since November was a new crop ‘shinmai’ season, we managed to buy some at the shop located next to the rice paddies.


Oku-Noto (Natural) Sea Salt Making is another spot which cannot be missed.
The manufacturing method, “beach dehydration”, carried on for over 400 years.
The Sea Salt making process can been seen at this site.


Miso (Tateno Miso Koji), a miso store selling natural (non -additive) koji miso.


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