Hokkaido Camping Car Travelogue | 北海道への旅 2020 ①

Hokkaido Camping Car Travelogue | 北海道への旅 2020 ①

My sincere apologies for readers to find that my site has been down for almost two weeks during our road trip, to Hokkaido, the furthest north island of Japan. A camping-car trip is an annual event of ours but this year uncertain with an unpredictable degree of spread of the pandemic until the very last moment. However, we managed to leave Tokyo and head to Hokkaido at the end of September.


The voyage starts from the car ferry from Oarai port which will take us to Tomakoma, the sea travel takes over 17~18 hours. 

With only a few rooms available to board with ‘pets’, we managed to book a room with ‘pet allowed but no view’, bookings made 2 months prior to the date of departure, very competitive to secure a room.

One of our trip to Hokkaido was purposed to visit sights of the  ‘Ainu Culture’. Ainu is indigenous people, their culture distinctive to the Japanese culture but of invaluable importance, now at the risk of extinction.

“Upopoy is a new National Ainu Museum” built to spread awareness of the ‘Ainu Culture’, located few miles west of Tomakomai – at Shiraoi and our first day of arrival was designated to visiting this new facility and a park, beautiful made on a warm afternoon. 

The Ainu people hold a spirituality, to believe spirits dwell in the all-natural aspect of the natural world and their way of life, festivals, dance performance, crafts, and clothing are all reflective of their unique existence.  

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