Hokkaido Camping Car Travelogue | 北海道への旅 2020 ③

Hokkaido Camping Car Travelogue | 北海道への旅 2020 ③

 ‘Camping-car’ cooking is another fun activity during the road trip. 

Although the camping-car comes equipped with a microwave oven but then not being a microwave fanatic (never was and most likely never will), I decided to purchase an ‘electric pressure cooker’ and see if this to be a convenient method of outdoor cooking during the trip.

The advantage of a camping-car is the flexibility of stopping anywhere you want overnight, most at a road side station (‘Michi No Eki’). There seem to be over a thousand Michi No Eki locations in Japan, designed to be rest area, free parking with clean restrooms, local product market, a tourist information and restaurant, some with an ‘onsen (hot springs)’ facility.

But after a few days of literally living in a camping-car, an occasional stop at a camping site getting out into the open air, to feel the breeze and sunshine, to open a temporary kitchen is another relaxing an valuable time. 


This is the electric pressure cooker which I purchased purposed for this trip. It has various capabilities of cooking methods and a variety of recipes, especially time-saving recipes.

The model which I purchased is made by ‘IRIS OHYAMA’ | KPC-MA2 and  has a designated recipe site for it’s convenient usage. 

Original Recipe using the ‘Electric Pressure Cooker | KPC-MA2 Website Link

Steaming Vegetables.

Can also be used for a Japanese Hot Pot (Nabe) and for Shabu Shabu Hot Pot.

Making Minestrone Soup.

Beautiful sunset that day, we camped out at a camping site. 

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