Hokkaido Camping Car Travelogue | 北海道への旅 2020 ②

Hokkaido Camping Car Travelogue | 北海道への旅 2020 ②

Outdoor camping and a camping-car journey offhand seem to be similar but the momentum of it’s  activity is incomparably different. 

Our last trip to Hokkaido was in 2014 – six years ago. We (more or less my partner) was an avid outdoor camper and we would bring all our camping gear – tent, sleeping bags and outdoor cooking equipment and gadgets and camp out at ‘pet allowed’ beautiful sites. 

In 2017, we made our switch traveling in a camping-car to further explore the remote, not touristy but the true beauty of Japan. 

I believe this trip to be our 5th year but this year reaching out to the most furthest island of Hokkaido and the Ainu culture. 

Here to share some more Ainu tradition and culture in depth. 

Few miles east of the Upopy venue, the Nibutani district of the town of Biratori resides the heart and birthplace of the Ainu Culture.  Here to find the Ainu Culture Museum and the small town clusters with Ainu crafts and historical preserves. 

Here are some wonderful links to further gain knowledge and understanding of the Ainu Culture. Their traditional crafts and daily household goods are are intensely displayed in this museum, sited below. Although much of the actual craftsman (still making Ainu crafts) had temporarily shut down due to the pandemic, few people still continue to retain the Ainu traditional folklore and craftsmanship to the next generation. 

Nibutani Ainu Culture Museum 

– Nibutani Ainu Takumi No Michi

– Traditional Ainu Folk Crafts

Takumi no Michi Map

The Ainu Embroidery and textile patterns were one of fascination, the design pattern said to have a natural meaning offhand simply, extremely detailed, and astonishing.

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