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Healthy…..Morning Salad

Morning breakfast salads may come as a surprise to many westerns but the Japanese like to stay healthy even from their first meal of the day.
When I lived in California, I’ve often encountered Japanese tourist asking for a side (mixed) salad, a startled look from the waitress at early hours in the morning. A 24 hour diner may have an stale old salad in their fridge but not even the finest hotels have BREAKFAST SALAD in their morning menu. So don’t be perplexed when the Japanese ask for a SALAD, it’s quite a common intake food in the morning.

This is our Breakfast Salad plate, using seasonal vegetables; fresh lettuce, rucola, cucumber, tomato, fresh corn (steamed), edamame (hiding within) and a sprinkle of walnuts.


Salad accompanies a ‘vegetable or fruit smoothie’ with lots of lemon juice
Here is a Watermelon Smoothie.
Breakfast Salad_3


Fresh watermelon is only available during the summer months (early July ~ middle of September). It helps me reduce edema, with my case I believe being from too much (gymn) running.
It has the following health benefits :
  • a natural antioxidants
  • concentrated vitamin C, A, beta-carotene, potassium
  • large content of lycopene, also an antioxidants derived from carotene which helps to neutralize the whole body
  • contains an abundant vitamin B necessary for energy generation. Expert says that it is rich in B6, B1, magnesium vitamin.
  • More than 90% in moisture and acts as a diuretic and alleviates edema.
 written by Hisako Makimura in Tokyo,Japan

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