Every year for Christmas, when I used to live in Ireland; our family would prepare a Christmas Cake or a Christmas Pudding at least a month before in Xmas wrapped in brown paper for the 25th to come. These customs remain strong in my childhood memories and although Christmas is not the same spent in Ireland nor Los Angeles; Xmas still remains to be a special day of the year.

My Xmas baking has changed to a ‘Stollen’ which seem to be a more common confectionery in Japan – Tokyo. I am not even sure whether I’ve seen an authentic heavy packed Christmas Cake in Japan at all….maybe some day at my own kitchen.

Have a nice Christmas…what is left of it…..?






シュトーレンの工程作業をアップ。よいクリスマスDAYをお過ごしください ?

Here are some of ‘Stollen’ making scenes….

‘Stollens’ wrapped to go…

2015 Christmas Stollen

They are iced with vanilla sugar and powdered sugar before it get’s wrapped.

2015 Christmas StollenSetting it aside for the fermented butter coating to solidify.

2015 Christmas Stollen

2015 Christmas Stollen

2015 Christmas Stollen

This is how it looks before it goes in the oven for 60 minutes at low temperature. Since my oven only takes 4 at a time, gosh….it took me practically 5 hours to bake all my batches.

2015 Christmas Stollen

The outer skin and inner fruit filling.

2015 Christmas Stollen

2015 Christmas Stollen



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