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Fresh Mochi (Sticky Rice) Event | 餅つき

New Years festivities in Japan are over, more so by January 15th.

Mochitsuki (Pounding of fresh sticky rice) is an gathering event which take place in various parts of the community; schools, living communities, temples, associations. Mochi pounded from steam glutinous rice is a traditional food eaten in New Years. The glutinous rice is steamed and pounded in a oval shape wooden bowl.

Fresh mochi is a ‘one of kind’ food (I think…) similar to eating bread right out from the oven. Since it has no preservatives, it becomes stale and hard more quickly than other processed mochi sold in supermarkets.

Fresh mochi can be eaten many ways but the most popular being…(such as in street events)

– Sweet aduki with rounded fresh mochi

– Kinako powder with rounded fresh mochi

–  Daikon Oroshi Mochi, which is grounded radish with soy sauce. (Sorry no photos)







Fresh Mochi


Kinako powder with rounded fresh mochi


Sweet aduki with rounded fresh mochi


This is a typical traditional New Years dish ‘Ozouni’, which is mochi in a soup broth.

The Ozouni is a differs in many part of the country. (please see a picto map of different Ozouni in Japan) Each district and prefecture uses their specialty products, the broth can differ from a clear type broth to a miso base or even an aduki (red bean) base soup.

Our Ozouni is a bonito and seaweed base soup with white meat chicken, carrots, mitsuba and a scent of yuzu.



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