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Four days fermented Brown Rice | 寝かし玄米

Due to my circumstances which have occurred to my family, I have started to investigate how to ‘warm the body’ – a slight temperature rise in the body kills unwanted bacterias and illness including cancer cells.

One of the recipes which has been added into our food table is – a 4 day fermented BROWN RICE. Brown rice is well known for it natural goodness, lots of fiber and to retain a healthy body. But I must say it is not quite popular…..especially for men who adore WHITE RICE.

This ‘4 day fermented BROWN RICE’ is warmed in the rice cooker for practically four days in which the bran and husk disintegrates and combines well with the actual rice turning it slightly like an OSEKIHAN, soft and easy to eat.


Using brown rice totally free of pesticides is recommended, especially brown rice.



This is what it looks like before the rice is cooked with aduki beans.



4 days Fermented Brown Rice Recipe

  • Brown Rice 4 cups – 720cc
  • Aduki Beans 50g
  • Salt 4g
  • Sake 4g
  • Water 6 cups – 1080cc


Using a rice cooker with a brown rice cooking mode :

  1. Wash the brown rice and aduki beans, soak in water for over half a day before cooking.
  2. Add the salt, sake and proportional water and cook with rice cooker.
  3. Once the rice is cooked, mix to loosen and air the rice.
  4. Using the rice cooker’s warming mode (preserve warm) keep the rice warm for 4 days, mixing the rice once every day using a spatula soaked in sake to assist fermentation.
  5. 3~4 days is a good approximate timing to eat, the brown rice having turned moist and the husk integrated well with the rice germ.
  6. The texture turns slightly similar to OSEKIHAN – similar to sticky rice.
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