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For Scone lovers….Cinnamon Scone Bread | シナモンスコーンブレッド

This is my version of a ‘Cinnamon Scone Bread’ which is irresistible for scone lovers.

Inspired by a recipe which I picked up at Food 52, a great attractive cooking site.

It is sort of like a scone biscuit, not exactly like the soft scone fermented overnight with natural yeast which I is one of my husband’s favorites but his recipe combined with the streusel filling is unique in its own. I love the idea of layering it with streusel which I will probably make my own favorite filling in due course.


This is how it looks in the pan before it goes into the oven.


Dimensional photo……


This is my original recipe – Fruit scone fermented overnight with natural yeast; which is like a scone bread  (for say..).

DSC_0018 DSC_0019

Food 52 – Cinnamon Scone Bread Recipe

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