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Fig Pound Cake | 無花果のパウンドケーキ

My oldest memory of ‘fig’ comes from the FIG ROLLS, dry fig jam wrapped around in pastry, having lived in Ireland during my childhood. Since then figs have become one of my favorite fruits, especially the dried one to use for baking.

I always wish that if we had a larger garden, a FIG TREE is definitely in the list but unfortunately….land and space is pure luxury here in Japan so I don’t think it will every happen unless we decide to own a summer or country house at a good distance from the metropolitan Tokyo area, which we currently reside.


even without a FIG TREE….

I keep a container of dry figs soaked in rum all year round which I use for breads, cakes and desserts.

This is very simple basic pound cake with a combination of dried fig and fresh fig. It keeps well in room temperature as well as in the refrigerator.






Fig Cake recipe pdf

written by Hisako Makimura/Tokyo, Japan

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