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exquisite white liver Pâté (Foie gras Pâté like) |白レバーパテ

Liver pâtés and other bread spreads essential on the table when one makes homemade breads. The white liver pâté (Foie gras Pâté like) is a smooth creamy pâté made from white liver, the liver only attainable from a well fed masculine hen which is quite scarce in quantity.




Good flavored butter, good wine and a good pâté stimulates your appetite accompanied with a freshly baked breads such as French baguettes and Campagnes, even Corn Rustiques which I posted few days earlier.

My next post will be a Mackerel pâté, a little bit more healthy and for non-meat eaters. Stay tuned!

White Liver Pate

Course: AppetizersCuisine: French, WesternDifficulty: Easy
Prep time


Cooking time





  • Underline the pot with chopped onions, sliced garlic and white liver. | みじん切りタマネギ、ニンニクと白レバーを鍋に入れて弱火で蒸し焼きにする。
  • Add all the ingredients except for the butter and salt and pepper. | バター、塩、コショウ以外の材料をすべてお鍋に入れます。
  • Braise over medium to low heat until the it is nice and soft, taking precautions not to let it burn. | 焦がさないように弱火で蒸し焼きにします。
  • Once the liver and onions are nice and soft, using a hand mixer, mix until the liver becomes a nice smooth puree. | 具材が全体に柔らかくなったらハンドミキサーを使用して滑らかになるまで攪拌し混ぜる。
  • Add the butter and salt and pepper (to adjust the taste to your liking) and let is simmer for few minutes.|バター、塩、コショウ(お好みに合わせて味を調整)を追加し、数分間水分を多少逃がします。
  • Pour the pate into a preserving dish. Keep it refrigerated. | 保存皿にパテを注ぎ、冷蔵保管してください。飾り付けに胡椒の粒や月桂樹の葉っぱなど使うと綺麗です。


  • Recipe can be replaced with normal dark chicken liver. | 白レバーが手に入らない場合は普通のレバーでも美味しくつくれます。
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