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Edamame Rustique

Edamame and Corn Rustique (French Bread)

EDAMAME had become a very common vegetable in the United States, Europe and even Australia in the mid 90’s, when I used travel often to these countries for shoots and meetings leading a unbelievable pace of life, living in suitcases and travel airline lounges and an overdose of coffee to kill the jetlags. Boiled and salted EDAMAME for catering gradually became a healthy snack for film staffs, replacing healthy snacks like heavily salted nuts and fruit.

And here I am making EDAMAME rustiques which is essentially a french bread shaped into squares sandwiched with steamed edamame, fresh corn and gouda melting cheese.

For those who are not familiar with EDAMAME, it is a soybean and probably comes precooked and frozen but goes well as munchies for beer and appetizers for barbecues.


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