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Easy homemade Garbanzo pâté | HAMMUS

Pâtés are not quite difficult to make, once you know the recipe. These ready-made bottled or can foods, blended condiments,  factory made pâtés come in handy at delicatessens and grocery shops; but I when you think of all the chemical preservative that are required to preserve for days…..think twice.

Believe me, a simple pâté or a bread spread is not hard to make… just takes a little bit of effort, having the ingredients to blend them together.

HAMMUS, which is a chickpeas (garbanzo beans) spread is one of my favorites. Since it is a vegetable base pâté, indulging into this like butter should not be a sweat, rather healthy. It goes well with most any bread but my favorite is the French breads which I also make at home.

























These are the ingredients to make HAMMUS.















The recipe is here :  Hammus recipe in English pdf


Spread it on a French bread (Baguettes or Batard).

My friend recommends a ‘HAMMUS sandwich with cucumbers’ which is as healthy as you can get.




(photo is a  homemade batard/French Bread)


Some of my weekend bakings…….







written by Hisako Makimura/Tokyo, Japan

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