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easy homebaking ideas.Carrot Cake|おうちでキャロットケーキ

I cannot recall an incident or a time in my entire life when the ENTIRE WORLD is commanded to ‘STAY HOME’, i.e. a WORLDWIDE CURFEW. I am writing from Tokyo, Japan; Japan’s case being when the coronavirus (covid-19) outbreak plunged into a steep increase at around early March (just after China). Unlike our government profile, it was of surprise that the Japanese prime minister took draconian measures shutting down all schools, events, sport clubs, live houses, public gathering areas, etc. where the infection probabilities were high as to their assumption, at least for two weeks even more.

Just few days after declaration to ‘STAY HOME’ rendered major mass panic (obvisously), as Japan in modern era has not being exposed to acts of war, mass terrorism or mass danger except only natural disasters like earthquakes and typhoons. It has only been two and half weeks since then. I am living in the proximity of metropolitan Tokyo but I think we, Tokyonians have quickly adapted to take personal protective measures against the virus although shortages of protective masks (thus my handmade masks), sanitary sprays, sanitary goods are yet no where to be found.



Parks and open spaces have become gathering points over the past 3 day weekend. The cherry blossoms have started to blossom nearly a week early and to notice our garden ‘mimosa’ had become to an end when it started to blossom around early March.

Staying home may feel uneasy at first. Look around to notice the opportunity to do with ample time. Even the smallest thing can enrich your daily life. Here is an easy baking recipe ‘Carrot Cake’ for your afternoon tea. Yummy.


Making dry flowers from 2020 Mimosa.

easy homebaking ideas.Carrot Cake|おうちでキャロットケーキ

Course: DessertDifficulty: Easy


Prep time


Cooking time





  • Preheat the oven to 180℃ / 350F.
    Meanwhile, roast the walnuts at 160C for 10 minutes and let it cool, set aside.
    Grate the half the carrots and shred the other half, so the carrot pieces will be visible within the dough and mixture when baked.
  • With a mixer – beat the sugar and egg until the mixture is thick and heavy. Add the rapeseed oil slowly the oil combines well into the mixture without separating.
    With a spatula – add the flour in several portions and then the carrots and walnuts. Blend well.
  • Transfer the mixture in a baking tin (pound cake type) covered in parchment or wax paper and spread the mixture with a spatula.
    Bake for about 40 to 60 minutes, sticking and testing with a screwer to see if there are no uncooked mixture.
    Let is cool and let the cake will season for about a day or two before indulging!!
  • Step ① MIXER: 砂糖&卵を泡立て器、ミキサーで空気を含めモッタリするまで混ぜる。
    Step ② MIXER: 菜種油を少しずつ、分離しないように混ぜる。
    Step ③ 木べら: 粉を数回に分けて加える。
    Step ④ 木べら: ニンジンとクルミを加え、木べらで混ぜる。
    Step ⑤ OVEN : パウンド型に流しいれて、オーブンで40分〜60分ほど焼く。竹串を刺してみて、抜いたとき生地がついてなかったら大丈夫。
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