Dried flower roses and rose oil | 薔薇のドライフラワーとローズオイル

Dried flower roses and rose oil | 薔薇のドライフラワーとローズオイル

While having a rose garden at home, caring and gardening the roses can be rewarding but also relentless.

Once the roses commence it’s bloom, the garden is well looked after by my husband, while my daily chores (as an assistant) is cleaning and sweeping. As the flowers fade to the end of life, the petal feather down, especially during the rain, moist and wind. To save the flowers for a little while longer, the flowerpots are often rushed for cover protection from the rain.

Dead flowers take away the vista of the rose garden.

The treasure of having a rose garden is of course, the everyday beauty of blossoms, a picturesqueness at times seems endless.

However, every organic life has its limits, as we do. To preserve the beauteousness the house turns into a shelter for ‘dry roses’.




Another challenge, tried this year is making ‘rose oils’. With such numerous DIY projects and information from the internet, a bucket full of collected petals were soaked in jojoba oil, first kept over a pot of warm water for over 3 ~ 4 hour and consequently in a warm temperature room (about 40 C) for over 24 hours. The oil has a subtle scent of rose but few small petals added visually and added rose infused oil will probably make it even better.




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