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DIY – Fabric Art | Tote Bags | トートバッグ

Things you love and done during one’s childhood, seem to come back over the course of your life.
‘Sewing’and ‘patchwork’ had been one of my favorite things to do at home, during my high school and college days. I used to live in Ireland (Cork) at the time and the dark wet weather made me an indoor activist (what ever that means – rather an introvert?) . Perhaps my girly hobbies would had been quite different if I my childhood days were spent in countries with pouring beautiful sunshine and hot weather…..California? Provence? or even Italy.
Nevertheless, what  is done, seen and experienced when as a child seem to lay a strong impact and solid foundation of how one might become.
Getting too philosophical…..back to the original subject.
This is my some of my ‘Fabric Art’ series – Tote Bags.

Top – Small Eclipse Bag / Bottom – Rectangular Bag


This is the first Eclipse Bag made for myself, prototype – experimental model.

All the bags are designed from the fabric first before it becomes sewn into a bag. Designing the fabric is the most challenging part, structuring it to a bag is easier. Most all of my patchworks and fabric arts are composed of ‘silk’ necktie fragments.

The rectangular bag is a prototype, experimental version. The inner lining is of a kimono orange fabric.


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