Anago & Unagi Sushi

Anago & Unagi Sushi | 穴子と鰻 ちらし鮨

【酢飯の作り方】【Sushi Rice – Sumeshi】 2cups of Rice|2カップの場合 米 <A> 50ml or 5 tbs Rice Vinegar|米酢 <A> 1 + 1/3 tbs Sugar |米酢 <A> 5g or 1 tsp Salt|塩 3cups of Rice|3カップの場合 米...

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Mille-feuille Salad
Taiwan Chimaki | 台湾ちまき

Bamboo Shoot Chimaki | 筍ちまき

Chimaki, sticky rice wrapped in bamboo leaves come in a variety of recipes and even different countries.  My recipe originates from Taiwan but you will encounter many similar methods and...

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