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Crispy Roasted Pork Belly | 『カリカリ』ロースト豚バラ

Pork belly, one of the economical meats yet taste delicious when treated right; the Chinese use pork belly a lot and there is always something to learn of how they treat their pork belly.
Well, I am not exactly sure whether this is a Chinese style, what ever it is….it produces a nice juicy soft pork slice with a crispy skin. It also removes any excess (unnecessary) fat from the pork belly but the salt wraps the meat to produce a tender pork cut. But…make sure that you use solid rock salt (coarse salt) so it does not become excessively salty when in use of fine granulated salt.
Cooking is simple and easy.
Result is also surprisingly satisfying.
I hope you like it!

Baked twice..draining the oil and fat
Baked twice..draining the oil and fat


Crispy Roasted Pork Belly | クリスピーロースト豚バラ

  • Pork Belly (豚バラ)
  • Chinese Wine (紹興酒)
  • Fennel Seeds (フェンネル)
  • Caraway Seeds (キャラウェイシード)
  • Garlic (grated) (みじん切りニンニク)
  • Star Anise (八角)
  • Vinegar (酢)
  • Coarse Sea Salt (ロック塩)


  1. Wash the pork belly with water and dry off with a paper towel.
  2. Facing the skin fat layer down, cut a 1cm slit across the meat (for the seasoning to blend in).
  3. Rub Chinese wine over the surface of the meat and sprinkle the herb seasonings – fennel powder, caraway seeds, small star anise, grated garlic along the bottom and side.
  4. Using a fork or barbecue skewer, finely prick the fat layer.
  5. Make a foil tin and let the meat rest in the refrigerator for about half a day or even longer .
  6. Brush the top surface with vinegar and then the coarse sea salt.
  7. Bake for 45-50 minutes at 395F/200C.
  8. Remove the coarse sea salt and place it back in the oven for 10-15 minutes over a wire rack (so the oil will drain down) until the top is super crispy and crackling.


  1. 豚バラをサッと洗い、ペーパータオルで拭きます。調味料がしみこみ易いように肉の部分(裏側)に1センチ程度の切りこみを入れます。
  2. 紹興酒と調味料(キャラウェイシード、フェンネルパウダー、おろしニンニク、細かく砕いた八角)を皮以外の肉部分にすり込みます。
  3. 裏返しにして串で細かく皮の部分に穴をあけていきます。
  4. フォイルで肉をすっぽりと包む長方形型を作り、肉を冷蔵庫で半日〜1日ねかせます。
  5. 肉を冷蔵庫から取り出し、酢を表目に塗ります。上面に粗塩を敷きます。
  6. 200℃/395Fのオーブンで45~50分焼きます。オーブンから取り出しロック塩を取り除き、油が下に落ちる様に肉をワイヤーラックの上にのせて更に10〜15分、皮がパリパリになるまで焼きます。(温度はオーブンによって調整してください)


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