Hot Pot | 鍋物

Cold Vegetable Nabe

Cold Vegetable Nabe (Cold Pot)|冷製鍋

Ingredients Yakumi (different kind of spices) and sauces • Asatsuki (Chopped Green Leaks)|あさつき • Shiso leafs|シソの葉 • Yuzukosho (Yuzu Pepper)|柚子胡椒 • Sudachi |すだち • Shoga (Ginger)|生姜のすりおろし • Goma Sauce|ごまソース •...

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Crab and Rice Noodles in Hot Pot

Crab and Rice Noodles in Hot Pot|春雨とわたり蟹の土鍋

Ingredients Can also use shrimp broth. Recipe inspired by Tongue Thai Restaurant in Bangkok Address : 18-20 Charoen Krung 38, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500 (Behind the Oriental Hotel Bangkok) バンコクのオリエンタルホテルのコンシェルジュが推奨したタイ料理屋さん( ‘Tongue...

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