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“Cooking Japanese Eel” (Unagi Kabayaki)

Tsukiji Miyagawa Honten

‘Unagi’ (Eel) is considered one of the delicacies, amongst many in Japanese cuisine but most commonly eaten on the “midsummer day of the ox” to fight summer fatigue from the summer heat.  The ‘day of the ox’ is designated by the Chinese zodiac calendar and this year fell on July 21st and August 2nd. 

‘Unagi’ (Eel) is commonly served over a bowl of rice. One of the most oldest and prestigious eel restaurant considered in Tokyo is (photo above) :

Tsukiji Miyagawa Honten

Address : 1-Chome 4-6, Tsukiji, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo (near the old Tsukiji fishmarket)

Tel : 03-3541-1292


Supermarket sold unagi (eel) transformed into the highest [superfine] quality.

 Well, this post is not about fine dining at prestigious unagi restaurants but

“How to turn supermarket sold unagi into a super quality fine taste”. 

Pre-cooked ‘Unagi (eel)’ sold at supermarkets, is like like purchasing ‘pre-cooked Steak’. Never was I able to recover the eel to a soft fluffy eel – at least to a satisfactory taste. But a special ‘chef’ method below was introduced, revealed in a television program by the owner chef of one of the most prestigious ‘Unagi’ restaurant in Tokyo (Azabu-Juban) called ‘Tokito’.

‘Tokito’ is a 5 star restaurant (considered for Michelin star), the taste is awesome but the price is, too. 

Anyway, it’s Tokito’s chef’s method, doubtful at first….

but gave it try. 

(Sauce for 2 eel fillets)

Mirin (boiled over low heat) ・・・100ml

Soy Sauce ・・・33ml


2 packets of eel sauce which comes with the eel.


Unagi sold at supermarkets which comes with Unagi sauce in packets. Blend the mirin + soy sauce + sugar + unagi packets to make the sauce.
(1) Japanese domestic Unagi
(3) Wash the eel over fresh water
(5) Steam the eel for 20 minutes
(6) Brush it with the teriyaki sauce and grill for 3 minutes using a toaster
(8) Cover the bowl with plastic wrap - wait for 3 minutes
(2) Slice off the bones (fins)
(4) Slice the eel into half
(6) Make the Unagi Sauce
(7) Prepare a hot bowl of rice
Voilà !!!!
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