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cooking…Bamboo Shoots |筍づくし

We are in the middle of a BAMBOO SEASON, which, I am a pure addict to bamboo shoots. To be honest, I often wonder why? I am such a bamboo addict, a wild vegetable which does not have a strong distinctive taste nor flavor. The subtle flavor and the texture is probably what drives my addiction. (maybe…?)

So here are some of my daily bamboo shoots side dishes, we call osouzai in Japanese.






Osouzai@Bamboo Shoots with white miso and sanshou
  • 2 bamboo shoots
  • 1/2 cup or handful of rice bran (nuka)
  • 20 sansho leaves (Japanese Pepper)
  • 3 tablespoon white miso
  • 1.5 tablespoon sugar
  • 3 tablespoon sake


  1. <Preparing the Bamboo Shoots> Wash off the mud and soil from the bamboo shoots. Peel 2~3 sheets of the hard outer skin. Trim the top (the hard outer skin) at a 45 degree angle and bring to boil in a large boiling pan with handful of rice bran (nuka). Boil for approximately 50~60 minutes for a medium size bamboo shoot and let it cool down and set it aside overnight. Peel the outer skin the following day and let is soak in the boiled water which helps to retain well.
  2. <Preparing the White Miso Paste> Wash and dry the Sansho leaves and remove the leaves from the stem. Add the sugar, sake and white miso and bring it to boil to let the alcohol evaporate from the sake. Add the Sansho leaves and grind it together with the miso paste.
  3. <Cooking> Remove the upper and outer skin of the bamboo shoots. Cut the bamboo into top and bottom portions.
  4. <Top portion (the softer bamboo) > The top is well know to be used for Bamboo Shoots with Seaweed (Wakatake-Ni) or Grilled young bamboo shoots or Fried young bamboo shoots. The bamboo shoot is sliced into 4 vertical portions.
  5. <Bottom portion (the firmer bamboo) > Cut the bamboo into 1cm squares and marinate the bamboo with the White Miso Paste.


Osouzai@Bamboo Shoots with white miso and sanshou |筍の木の芽和え


  • 筍・・・・・・・・・2本
  • ぬか・・・・・・・・一握り 1/2カップ程度
  • 木の芽・・・・・・・20枚
  • 白みそ・・・・・・・大匙3
  • 砂糖・・・・・・・・大匙5
  • 酒・・・・・・・・・大匙3


  1. 【筍の処理】タケコノはよく洗って泥をおとし、2〜3枚外側の皮を剥く。穂先を斜めにそぎおとし、たっぷりの水にぬかを入れ、大きいタケノコで50分〜1時間程度 中火で吹きこぼれない様に煮る。火を止め自然に冷ます。前日に処理をしてぬか汁に漬けておくことをおススメします。
  2. 【木の芽みそ】木(さんしょう)の芽は20枚ほどよく洗って水を切り、葉だけどすり鉢ですります。砂糖、煮きり酒、白みそを混ぜ合わせよくすります。
  3. 【調理】タケノコの上部の皮を取る。上部と下部に切り分けます。上部の方は縦に4つ切りにして若竹煮とか網で焼いたり、素揚げにしたりして楽しみます。下部の方は1cm角に切り、【木の芽みそ】とあえます。

Osouzai@Fried Bamboo Shoots | タケノコの素揚げ



Osouzai@Bamboo Shoots with soy sauce & mirin | タケノコのきんぴら


Osouzai@Sot Bamboo Tips with seaweeds | 若竹煮



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