Clear Chicken Oil|鶏油 (チーユ)

Clear Chicken Oil|鶏油 (チーユ)


Clear Chicken Oil|鶏油


Chinese have their own unique method and using ‘Clear Chicken Oil’ seem  to be one of them. As with the Italians using ‘Olive Oil’ for their most all of their cooking, having this ‘clear chicken oil’ (chi-yu) seem to get closer to fine chinese food.

It’s not difficult to make as long as you know a good butcher (chicken) who will sell you very FRESH CHICKEN FAT. Just slowly extract the oil from the chicken fat under low heat for couple of hours. You will start seeing the fat melting, transforming into a very clear yellow transparent chicken oil.

As with these organic oils, to avoid oxidation keep it frozen in few jars and use as required. The cooking process seem rather grotesque….but it surely tastes good.

Anyone interested in good organic Chinese food? give it a shot!








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