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Chiharu Shiota Exhibition: The Soul Trembles | 塩田千春展 (part 2)

Sequel to Part 1 of Chiharu Shiota’s exhibit at the Mori Art Museum, displaying some of her other installations, sketches and drawings which I resonated to the concept of her ‘being’.

part 1に引き続き、塩田千春展の終盤に差し掛かると『集積ー目的地を求めて』とインスタレーションがあります。たくさんのトランクが赤い糸で吊るされていて、いくつかのトランクが時々揺れる。


The ACCUMULATION – Searching for the Destination is another breath taking large-scale installations from everyday materials that are filled with memory – such as suitcases.

When we travel, we hold a physical document that tells us of our chosen destination. We hold a general wish and try to follow that path, but uncertain obstacles may meet us along the way, the unexpected which continuously shapes our destination. For this reason, the suitcases are hanging and moving about, ready to go, but we never know exactly where we are heading in the journey of life.

Accumulation - Searching for the Destination | 集積ー目的地を求めて
 Out of My Body
In search of Mother | 母なるものを求めて
Being on the 52nd floor of Mori Building, gives us bird eye view of Tokyo, facing directly is Tokyo’s landmark, Tokyo Tower.

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