Easy homemade Garbanzo pâté | HAMMUS

Pâtés are not quite difficult to make, once you know the recipe. These ready-made bottled or can foods, blended condiments,  factory made pâtés come in handy at delicatessens and grocery […]

Osekihan / Sticky rice with red beans

August 13th to 15th is the ‘Obon season‘ in Japan. Obon is a Buddist custom to honor the our ancestors. Family reunite returning to their regions, each Obon customs differ […]

Ayu (Freshwater Trout) Rice Pot

‘Ayu’ / Freshwater Trout cooked in a hot pot over rice. Ayu (freshwater trout) is a seasonal fish which signifies the arrival of summer. Fishing Ayu in clear rivers begin […]

Fruits Gelee | Pomegranate and Watermelon

猛暑を通り越して、、 『酷暑』が続いていますね。 今日がピークと言われていますが8月は平年を上回る暑さというので、、 えぇぇ~、 これは毎年の事。 もう東京では涼しい夏は今後経験できないのではないかな? これだけ暑くなると作りたくなるのはやはり『冷たいお菓子』。 先日作った、、 『ざくろフルーツジュレ』

TOGAN, the Winter Melon

We are in the midst of the most muggy season of the year, the rainy season. Besides the high temperature with the humidity, the summer season may not be the […]