Camping Car Travelog | キャンピングカー旅 ③

Camping Car Travelog | キャンピングカー旅 ③

Just about an hour away from the Jellyfish Aquarium, a stop over at the ‘Ken Domon Museum of Photography’, in Sakata City. He is one of the pioneers of photography in Japan, well know for his snapshots and realism of the historic pre and post war period, the Showa era of Japan. He has donated all of his 70,000 works to his birthtown – Sakata City in lieu the city to built a museum, a one of a kind – a museum built for a single sole photographer.

Official Site of the museum : Ken Domon Museum of Photography | 土門拳記念館


Superb weather. Clear blue sky!
The museum building has been designed by  Yoshio Taniguchi (architect), who has also designed the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) New YorkThe museum itself is a piece of art in it’s own.

Ken Domon’s photographic works of  “A Pilgrimage to Ancient Temples,” were in display and captured a few which resonated to my soul. His photography captured by a large size camera was just unbelievable, to me it felt like a canvas painting.
Published book : “A Pilgrimage to Ancient Temples”

His snap shots represents well of  the old Japan (1909~1990).

Below is a self-shot portrait and his ceramic seal made by a potter, Tomimoto Kenichi (living national treasure).


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