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Camping Car Travelog | キャンピングカー旅 ①

It has taken a while contemplating to rent a ‘camping car’ (motorhome) and to travel to remote areas of Japan, for various reasons.
My husband has always been an authentic outdoor camper. The thought of shifting his mind to a camping car has taken so long (not that I am blaming him) but to add, the road conditions in Japan are not as friendly to large vehicles as like in the United States, Europe or Australia.
Although, the lifestyle in Japan over the past few years has shifted to a more ‘down to earth’ type of leisure like mountain climbing, trekking, outdoor leisure; more and more camping utilities are now avail thus easier to find rental camping cars.
Anyway, to make the long story short…..we scouted various types of camping cars and finally settled on a vehicle which we loved, both the vehicle and the owner of the vehicle.

そんな中、出会ったのがこのトヨタハイエース改造型の「Land Tepee」。高島平(関越FWY) にある太陽整備という整備工場が所有している一台。大切に整備されている車で見た瞬間、コレだ!と思えました。整備会社の社長さんも好青年で会った瞬間に信頼度が生まれるタイプの方です。

This camping car vehicle is a Toyota Grand Hiace, namely called the Land Tepee. With Japanese craftsmanship, the car has been converted to a camping car equipped with a kitchen sink, refrigerator, dining table, full flat queen size bed, ventilator and a heating device.
The car rented from Taiyo Seibi, a full car (mechanic) service company , the owner being a car mechanic which we felt very reliable; let alone the car kept in immaculate condition.

October 16~20th was our planned dates for our first trip.
Unfortunately we encountered an unusual long autumn rain period which forced our plan to be diverted to the northwest (Tohoku) area of Japan rather than the original Hokuriku (middle west) area, hoping to catch some sunlight during our trip.
As you see,, our Travel day.
Clouds looming over the freeway to the Nigata area, well known for it’s Japanese rice and also a very popular skiing area.
Nana, our little dog has been trained since childhood to camp with us so ‘no sweat!’, she is enjoying the ride but our 14 year old cat, Tiara – it’s her first attempt to travel with us. She was born calm, curious and quite adventurous and as suspected immediately starts to explore within the camping car.

今回は初めて、、どうなることやら? 14歳の猫のティアラちゃんを同行させました。
初日の夜は「道の駅 朝日」に停泊。ここには「まほろば温泉」があります(嬉)。

Staying (Parking) overnight at a MichinoEki – which is a roadside rest area located along national highways and provides free parking. Glance through this site which explains well of how Michi-no-Eki originated and expanded to a popular visitation site for auto travelers.

Our first night –
Michi-no-Eki, Asahi (with Hot Springs)
Among the clouds after heavy rain, the dawn bring signs of sunlight.


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