Butterbur Sprouts | 春の知らせ「フキノトウ」

Butterbur Sprouts | 春の知らせ「フキノトウ」

This winter has been inordinately warm. Warm to a point, where snow resorts struggle to stay in business, winter heavy coats and clothings remain wrapped dry cleaned from previous year.

When one lives in a city (such as Tokyo as I do), the consequences of not having snow does not seem as critical, but only true the residents of snow lands seem to acknowledge the damage – especially to the natural seasonal vegetation, the butterbur sprout being one of them.

The butterbur sprout is one of the earliest wild herbs, peaking out of the soil yet cold but bringing early signs of spring. It is called ‘fuki (butterbur)’ in Japanese and it’s sprout has an unique and distinctive bitter flavor. Sautéd and blended with miso (which I personally love) serves as an accomplice to rice and quite delicious when deep fried as tempura.



Fuki (Butterbur Sprouts) Miso | Butterbur sprouts chopped, first sautéd in a small amount of vegetable oil; secondly blended with a little bit of sake (or mirin) and miso. Taste adjusted to your choice, some prefer some sweetness depending on the selection of miso.

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