Black & White Olive Ciabatta | 白黒オリーブ・チャパタ

Black & White Olive Ciabatta | 白黒オリーブ・チャパタ

Among all breads…

I think the Italian breads are far the most easy to make.

It may be my personal opinion but I think be from being an extension from the pizza doughs, namely the ciabattas and the focaccias.

This ‘Ciabatta’ is combined with natural yeast (Levian Liquid) which you need not use but will produce a more softer and moist dough when baked. The use of natural yeast which we call it ‘tennen-kobo’ in Japanese if a popular trend in break making and over the years, our staple rice consumption has been surpassed by bread consumption so you will be surprised of the vast number of good bread bakeries in Tokyo, if you have a chance to ever visit this city.




天然酵母を入れることによって小麦粉はモチモチと潤いがある生地に変身してくれます。ルヴァン・リキッドとレシピには書いてありますがホシノの天然酵母でも全然いけます。(ホシノの時は水分がだれてしまうので10%程度に抑えておいて方が無難)また、長時間発酵は何よりもパンをスロー発酵を促してくれるので美味しいパンができますよ〜 ( I think….)


Black & White Olive Ciabatta Recipe –

For the dough –

  • Bread Flour (100%) 500g
  • Natural Yeast (Levian Liquid) (20%) 100g
  • Dry Yeast (0.3%) 0.5g
  • Salt (2.5%) 12.5g
  • Water (73%) 365g
  • Olive Oil (7%) 30g
  • Black & White Olive Combination (20%) 100g
  • Herbs (3/4 Tablespoon Each) Oregano/Thyme/Cumin Seed/Parsley
  1. Unless you are using a yeast specifically instructed without need for pre-fermentation, mix the dry yeast and let it dilute and ferment in warm water for about 15 minutes before use.
  2. Mix the bread flour, salt, yeast, water. (approx. 3-5 minutes)
  3. Blend the olive oil and knead for approximately 3 minutes and lastly the olives and herbs. Stretch the dough with your fingers for gluten test (by stretching the dough, a strong gluten produces a thin stretched skin) but with this dough it can produce some holes while you stretching.
  4. Allow the dough to to rest at a warm environment/25-26℃, for about a hour. Leave it stored overnight in the refrigerator for low temperature proof.
  5. Remove the dough from the refrigerator and with your fingers stretch the dough into a square size of approx. 2cm thickness on a well floured baking tin.
  6. Allowed 60 minutes at 30℃, inflating to 1.5 times the original size.
  7. With you well floured index finger, press the dough to make small holes at an even pattern. With a pastry brush, brush off the surface with olive oil.
  8. Bake for 30 minutes at 210-200 ℃/400F-390F.

Black & White Ciabatta Recipe | チャパタ

For the dough | 生地

  • フランスパン粉・(100%)・・500g
  • リヴァンリキッド・(20%)・100g
  • ドライイースト・(3%)・・0.5g
  • 塩・(5%)・・・・・・・ 12.5g
  • 水・(73%)・・・・・・・・365g
  • オリーブオイル・(7%)・・35g
  • 白と黒オリーブのコンビネーション・(20%)・・100g
  • ドライハーブ・大匙3/4・・オレガノ・タイム・パセリ・クミンシード
  2. 【MIX 生地をこねる】
  3. オリーブオイルを加え、5分程度混ぜ、最後にオリーブとハーブを生地に混ぜていきます。グルテンチェックをする – 生地を伸ばすと薄い幕のようにのびる。
  4. 【PROOF#1 一次発酵】
  5. 【SHAPING 成形】
  6. 【PROOF#2 二次発酵】
  7. 【焼成】指に粉をつけて、パンの表面に均等の感覚で穴をあける。(指で生地を差すように)オリーブオイルをはけで表面に塗っていく。
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